Avnet Boosts IBM Partners With New Services

Avnet’s March acquisition of Ascendant Technology has given the distribution company a formidable ally for its IBM resellers.

Ascendant Technology’s entire portfolio has been merged with Avent’s own resources, bringing together a platform that can help IBM partners more quickly deliver services in three key areas: health care portals, middleware management and cloud-based business-oriented social networking platforms.

Avnet is promising these solution tracks will not only provide Avnet IBM resellers with new options, but that these very solutions will be more streamlined to implement than traditional IBM offerings. Because Ascendant Technology can provide that backbone, Avent attests it will “accelerate complete data center solution sales.”

First up, Avnet launched the “Healthcare Provider Portal,” designed to be a single pane of glass that works in conjunction with an existing “traditional health care information management system.” Essentially, this portal provides a more unified software platform for ensuring optimal care. With Avnet’s new portal in place, IBM partners can continue to talk to health care IT admins about deepening technical development, like bringing management capabilities to mobile devices.

Avnet is also looking to eliminate the fuss that comes with middleware management. Enter “Middleware Infrastructure Automation.” Mostly self explanatory, this platform provides IBM resellers with a customizable framework that can automatically manage the software platforms that run everyday mission-critical stuff – be it the back end of a traffic-heavy Web site, or complex company-wide application deployment. This solution has also been designed to be adaptable, which can help a VAR offload manual work into the automated platform. No surprises here: Avnet sees this as a great solution that can easily provide ROI.

Last, but certainly not least, is “Social Business in the Cloud.” Here, Avnet is predictably focusing on the ever-evolving trend of social networking in the workplace. With the cloud, IBM resellers can deliver a ubiquitous social network platform that can be instantly deployed – or slowly developed internally until launch time – all within a cloud environment. But this internal social networking cloud is more than a bulletin board; resellers can set up customers with an advanced system of interconnected user profiles, internal Wiki-style information pages and business-focused blogs with real content. Users can also build and develop their own communities within the social networking sphere.

If you’re an IBM reseller raring to go, check out Avnet’s specialized IBM portal. Even non-IBM resellers may want to look, especially since  these three technology areas are the perfect launchpads for building out more cloud services. Most importantly,  health care, automation and social are not mutually exclusive, which means all of these practices can be blended together for a package that truly differentiates in the channel.

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