Learning From 2012, Planning for 2013

It’s been a year of triumph and turmoil in the technology channel, and the only thing certain for 2013 is more of the same. Larry Walsh, president and CEO of The 2112 Group, parent organization of Channelnomics, discusses the forces at work for solution providers that weathered the storms, both figurative and literal, of this past year and are looking for ways to chart a successful course in the coming 12 months.

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In this exclusive podcast, Walsh calls the year gone by “paradoxical.” It lifted many solution providers to significant levels of success, growth and profitability. “However I don’t think it was as good a year as everyone thought it was going to be or could be,” Walsh tells editor Chris Gonsalves.

“This is the year many solution providers and vendors recognize the channel has to change,” Walsh says. “It’s been traditionally a technology-first marketplace. Going forward, services are going to make it business-first.”


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The chief takeaway for 2012, Walsh adds, concerns the endorsement and opportunity implied in the success of solution providers that mastered the approach to business and technology over the past five to 10 years and are on track to transition their technology-focused, transactional efforts into a more sustainable services-oriented model.

Other key points raised by Walsh include the following:

  • Vendors will continue to sell direct and take opportunities away from reseller partners. Solution providers need to acknowledge that and “get over it.”
  • This will be the year we really begin to see marked reductions in the number of channel partners through mergers, acquisitions and attrition. “A lot of companies will just fall off the map. They are so small, they don’t even register on the radar.”
  • Solution providers often don’t know who their competition is. “They have no real sense of the pool they are swimming in.” They tend to focus on their own performance as a measure for success and ignore the larger market forces that could really help them grow and improve.

Walsh points to the Channelnomics Business Acumen Study, which shows many solution providers fail — at their own peril — to do basic business planning and goal setting. His advice: “Plan. Create a plan, then execute against it and measure against it. You have to have direction. The only way you do that is by making a plan and setting goals.”

Listen to the full Channelnomics Newsmakers interview

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2 Responses to “Learning From 2012, Planning for 2013”

  • Nice job Chris and Larry! This podcast hits the nail square-center on the head! 1NService is a global consortium supporting Solution Providers and Suppliers transform their businesses through education, trusted relationships and service enablement. Working with our members everyday, we hear exactly of these challenges you summarize in this podcast. This is exactly the type of information that our members want to hear and learn more about as they are moving their business models in this direction.
    We appreciate Channelnomics cutting edge view of what is happening in the Technology industry from all angles

  • I absolutely agree with Larry. As a solution provider, we at A & H Technology has been developing an integrated service platform over a year and we are now ready. It is so refreshing to hear Larry speak about SPs has to change the way they do business and lead with services and not technology.

    Also SPs has to build their business. We uses the BMLA process, Build, Measure Learn and Adapt. It is all about the execution. Larry has always been on the forefront of this industry. I appreciate having innovative thoughts that transforms the landscape and that is definitely what Larry Walsh do best.

    I can’t wait to see how 2112 transform and transforms other companies vendors and SPs alike.

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