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Professional Services

Herb Hogue
VP, Professional Services & Data Center Practice

Shahzad Munawwar
CIO and Senior Vice President Operations for IT
EnPointe Technologies

Hogue and Munawwar have been working tirelessly to transition En Pointe from a product business to a professional services group and are already seeing impressive results in the form of enhanced deal registration, more margins, and more integration with the business.

For his part, Hogue has masterfully taken En Pointe’s original professional services and consulting team and turned it into a more mature engineering team split into units: a pre-sales engineering team to support product sales; and a services/implementation team billable for on-site and customer facing work. His work as a change agent in the organization stands as an object lesson for other partners in how to address the evolution of the channel space by moving into a more value-added capacity – no small feat indeed, especially at a company that has traditionally been mostly product-sales based.

Hogue’s efforts to make En Pointe a more solution oriented systems integrator have seen the organization grow to nearly a 1:1 ratio of engineers to sales reps.  This results have been increased margins for the product business and stronger relationships with customers.  And since it’s no longer simply transaction focused, En Pointe no longer has to compete on dollars — they can show true value for the products that they sell. Fellow service providers take note.

Munawwar, meanwhile recognized early on the sea change in the market moving toward cloud computing and communications. He championed what has become a robust, cloud-based unified communications offering in the form of the En Pointe Collaboration Solution. Munawwar managed to grow ECS by driving the organization’s relationship with Cisco Systems and by recruiting and working with Westcon distributor and other large telco service providers.

His work across all of the engineering, billing, and sales teams of behalf of ECS was no easy feat in an organization trying to shift its mindset from product to service orientation. But Munawwar’s efforts have paid dividends. With the Westcon relationship secured, En Pointe has started marketing ECS to Westcon partners and the cloud service is currently on track to add 20,000 more seats to its capacity in the near term.



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