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Greg Davis

Vice President and General Manager of Global Channels
Dell Inc.

DWhen Dell wrapped up its banner 2012 in the channel before more than 600 partners in Austin, Texas, it was Greg Davis who stepped to the microphone first to welcome the solution providers and pay tribute to their work on behalf of the vendor.

Indeed, in the past five years, Dell has transcended its direct-sales roots and become a full-fledged, valued and trusted member of the channel community, and Davis has been at the tip of the channel spear every step of the way.

Davis has done yeoman’s work not only changing reseller attitudes about Dell, but fine-tuning the company’s PartnerDirect program into a formidable channel force. Under Davis’ direction, PartnerDirect has blossomed to more than 51,000 registered partners in North American and 130,000 globally, more than 3,600 of them certified in Dell solutions.

Ramping up partner skills across Dell’s growing portfolio of packaged IT solutions has become a mantra for Davis and his team, who have made significant investments in training content — all of which is available free to partners. The curriculum has grown from basic technologies to more complex solution sets and now encompasses basic sales and marketing and the use of social media. Dell expects partners to take advantage of all of it.

The effort is paying off: The 25 U.S. partners who invested the most in the vendor’s training are growing between 70 and 80 percent a year, according to the company. But even this not nearly enough to satisfy the hard-working Davis, who continues to beat the drum for more partner training, better partner enablement and, especially, a unification of Dell’s disparate channel programs into a cohesive reseller-facing entity to ease interactions and maximize partner profitability.



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