EMC Takes a Stab at PSY's 'Gangnam Style'

In case you haven’t had enough of South Korean rapper PSY’s most viral of tunes, “Gangnam Style,” and the endless parade of tribute and parody videos it has spawned, a technology vendor has finally gotten into the act.

EMC Corp., the mostly buttoned-down storage purveyor, joins the University of Oregon duck and cheerleaders, Filipino prisoners and MIT students in churning out a version of the catchy earworm. This time it features an homage to data center infrastructure, copious references to virtualization, and the horse-dancing chops of Chad Sakac, vice president of EMC’s technical alliance with VMware Inc.

The video was recorded in about nine hours at the EMC campus in Santa Clara, Calif., according to Sakac. Also making appearances in the video are Heather Boegemann, Jay Cuthrell, Nga Nguyen, John Lockyer, Fred Nix, Jeff Thomas, Stephen Hunt and Eoin O’Keefe.

“The folks in the video represent a cross-section of EMCers — great, smart, hardworking people,” Sakac wrote in his blog. “We try to not make this represent ‘somebody,’ but more ‘everybody’ — a cross section of the great technical folks at EMC that work with customers.”

Not sure how well lines like, “That data, yeah. Data that’s auto-tiered by policy…” will go over in the pop-hip hop world, but we’ll let you be the judge. Enjoy!

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