The Best (and Worst) Vendor Partner Portals

For channel partners looking for organic lead generation, your best and worst bet may be your leading vendors’ locator portals. As many major vendors run global channels, customers often choose to skip the search engine and skim a list of partners in their area. But how do your vendors’ portals stack up? Channelnomics subjectively rated some of the most popular partner portals on a scale of one (worst) to five (best) based on design, ease of use, relevance of search criteria and usefulness of the results.

Take note –  because a lousy Web portal that’s unintuitive or offers limited partner results could be turning away frustrated visitors. Unfortunately, that reflects poorly on both the vendor and the partner, as well. Here’s what we found in order from worst to best, including five partner finders rated as “excellent.”



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One Response to “The Best (and Worst) Vendor Partner Portals”

  • Interesting review… nice to see the variations side-by-side. Couple of questions for you:

    Are you seeing any trending with leading vendors to include “partner ratings” to the partner profiles? Giving customers of those partners a chance to review partner candidates as well as rate their experience with the partners (also allow partners to reply to any positive/negative scores). We get mixed feedback on adding this capability from channel partners…

    Also – what about functionality showing business relationships between partners – co-sharing of skills/opportunities so customers can see that partners expand their offerings by partnering with other partners to build out comprehensive solutions? Have you seen customer/partner demand for that kind of “social interaction” feature? Again, we get mixed feedback from partners on adding this functionality.

    Thanks for the article, look forward to your response.

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