Analyst: Surface Pro Will Be Dead in Six Months

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microsoft surfaceMicrosoft Corp.’s Surface Pro tablet will have come and gone with “not much trace of an impact” within the next six months, one analyst says.

Speaking to ChannelWeb, Salman Chaudry ,product manager for mobile computing at analyst firm Context World Ltd. said he does not think the vendor will consider the channel in its go-to-market strategy, and if this is the case, it will be “suicide.”

The business-focused tablet was launched in the United States and Canada at the start of the month, but the vendor has remained tight-lipped on when the device is set to launch in the UK, and if the channel will get to resell it.

Its consumer-focused RT tablet was launched at the end of last year, and analyst Canalys branded its entrance to the market as a “non-event.

Chaudry told ChannelWeb he does not think the device will make a big splash in the business tablet space.

“I do not really see a long lifespan for Surface hardware, based on our channel analysis. I think we can assume [that] in the next six months, the Surface will come and go with not much trace of an impact. It was marketing for the point of selling Windows 8, but there has not been huge penetration and we see that OEMs are taking the role as hardware manufacturers,” he said.

The U.S. channel has yet to get its hands on the new Surface Pro tablet, and Chaudry added that it will not be a good move for this strategy to be replicated in the UK.

“It is a business tablet which is not going [to be sold] through a business strategy – it is suicide,” he said, adding that part of the reason could be due to fear of upsetting OEM partners.

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5 Responses to “Analyst: Surface Pro Will Be Dead in Six Months”

  • craig kensek:

    It could be a centerpiece for those who bought a set of HP pads to be used as coasters, should Microsoft not reach their targets with this.

  • Clevis Taylor:

    I think that this analyst goes wrong by analyzing the Surface Pro as a “business-focused tablet”. By shifting the Windows platform toward a middle path between traditional computing and a people-friendly, tablet-inspired, app-based framework, Microsoft has indicated a very pointed effort to capture not only mobile business users but also the typical tech-user who likes nice-looking devices that are fun to use and do what he wants them to do, which the Surface Pro is and does. I say that Windows 8 even in its early stages is a great mesh of those two computing cultures (I am still a little iffy about its efficacy on non-touchscreens, however…), and the Surface Pro is the best iteration of it to date.

    Now, all that said, I still don’t doubt that the Surface Pro will not dominate the industry. I do believe, though, that it will do a great job at demonstrating to PC OEMs what Microsoft expects for Windows 8.

  • Dave Granger:

    Could people please stop printing what these clueless idiots think and calling it news? People putting too much stock in the prognostications of ‘analysts’ is what tanked the economy in 2000 and 2008.

    • Dave, I would agree with you. And this is probably overstated. However, the best forecasts has Mircosoft’s market share at 6 percent in 2016, so it’s not far from reality.

      • Gary Roberts:

        There is only one analyst forecasting low Surface Pro demand. Forrester forecasts demand for 200 million MS tablets.

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