Top 10 Customer Cloud Objections

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Businesses spent more than $100 billion on cloud products and services in 2012. While cloud adoption is increasing, customers still have concerns and objections. The CTTA State of the Cloud Channel 2013 study, a joint project of The 2112 Group and Channel Partners magazine, ranks the top 10 concerns solution providers encounter in cloud sales. In the following pages, you’ll find the objections solution providers are encountering when pitching cloud services to end users.

>> FIRST UP: #10: Network Quality

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3 Responses to “Top 10 Customer Cloud Objections”

  • Liability and traceability are always going to be major concerns. The cost of being “pushed” to adopt the cloud management systems is going to be a hard one for industry to accept as long as there are programmers and computers to program.

  • As stated above, there is no suprise data security is the number one concern, although I do think integrity concerns are gaining in force and appreciate its mention at #4 in this article.

    As I saw clearly at a recent tradeshow, the cloud industry is still very much in the early-adopter phase and many cloud providers are reluctant to spend money and time improving security/integrity. Aside from non-mission critical/Tier 1 applications and data, the Enterprise cloud market has yet barely been tapped, and for good reason.

    Without integrity assurance that protects data and apps against loss (no matter what!), faciliates proper Data Sovereignty and Liberation (as Ian mentions above), and allows for a fully auditable cloud environment (the availability of longitudinal data records, with demonstrable Integrity, with a proven chain-of-custody, and which may be audited to detect crime or hacking), the Enterprise market cannot seriously consider a move to the cloud. This is a nightmare and often an impossibility for risk management in general, but especially legal and compliance concerns.

    I believe this will come to a head as more customers demand high integrity systems and as industries like healthcare are pushed to the cloud.

    If you’re at all interested in this topic, here is a recently published article of ours about integrity assurance:

  • No surprise that data security has arisen as number one concern again. Data sovereignty (where data is held and who may have access) along with Data Liberation (How do I get my data back and in what format when I choose to) are two other key areas that arise.

    Despite all of these concerns cloud continues to grow and more education is needed to help customers mitigate these concerns.

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