Kaspersky, INTERPOL Join Hands to Fight Crime

Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky

Cue the James Bond music.

After years of goading international law enforcement officials over the need for a global effort to fight cybercrime, noted Russian security expert turned software mogul Eugene Kaspersky is throwing his company’s efforts behind a new joint project with INTERPOL aimed at identifying cybercriminals and providing innovative training and operational support for law enforcement across the globe.

The project, due to be in full swing by 2014, will see experts from Kaspersky Lab working directly with the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) to provide ongoing support and threat intelligence. Kaspersky, the CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, has also agreed to help IGCI build out its capacity to deal with global cyberthreats in general.

The joint effort was spawned after a meeting Kaspersky hosted in Moscow earlier this week with INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald Noble and IGCI Executive Director Noboru Nakatani where the three discussed the importance of collective efforts to fight cybercriminals and ways to secure the Internet.

“I have been pushing for the creation of what I used to call an ‘Internet INTERPOL’ for over a decade now, and at last it has finally come to pass,” Kaspersky said. “It should come as no surprise that we wholeheartedly support this initiative, testified to by our plans to [transfer] some of our top analysts over to the IGCI in Singapore.

“Soon cybercriminals will have nowhere to hide – not able to hole up in this or that country, as they have been able to up to now,” Kaspersky added. “The net is closing in on  cybercriminals, both the proverbial one and the Internet.”

According to the IGCI’s Nakatani, Kaspersky’s commitment to providing expert support to his group’s law enforcement efforts across 190 countries  will help “generate actionable intelligence to protect cyberspace and to bring cybercriminals to justice.”

“Transnational crime cannot be fought in isolation, and drawing on private sector expertise and support against cybercrime is essential,” INTERPOL’s Noble added. “Fighting cybercrime requires that law enforcement at both the national and international levels work with the private sector, particularly its forward-thinking technological leaders such as Kaspersky Lab, in order to keep pace with today’s cybercriminals.”

Kaspersky, named last year as one of Foreign Policy’s Top Global Thinkers, was also recognized in January as Channelnomics’ overall 2012 Channel Influencer of the Year, in part due to his consistent evangelizing on the need for global cybercops as well as his steadfast commitment to promoting important business strategies for his channel-friendly company’s growing legion of loyal resellers.

And since it’s Friday, enjoy Matt Monro’s classic Bond tune “From Russia With Love.”

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  • craig kensek:

    Good for Kaspersky! I’m looking forward to other internet security vendors to jump into this effort. It’s going to require global cooperation since an attack on one company in one country, can seem to be initiated from a second country, while in fact bots are used and the attack is initiated from a third. What’ll make this interesting is, what do you do when the attacks, is done by the military or another group within the government of a country? Companies such as Blue Coat have been doing great work in identifying and tracking the botnets some of these cybercriminals have been using.

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