Dell Bucks Trend, Encourages Staff to Work Flexibly


Michael Dell has bucked the industry trend of forcing staff to be present at company offices after his firm stated it aims to get half of its global workforce working remotely by 2020.

Yahoo! chief executive Marissa Meyer and HP boss Meg Whitman both ruled that their staff armies should be present at their bases to ensure they were working most productively, but Dell Inc. apparently disagrees.

In its Legacy for Good 2020 document outlining its corporate responsibility goals, Dell officials say it aims for half of its workforce to be working flexibly within the next seven years: ”Dell is a global technology leader, so our team members should be able to take advantage of the flexible work opportunities that our own products and services create.”

As of January this year, one in five Dell staff members works remotely.

Meyer said working in an office means staff can communicate better and hold impromptu meetings more easily, but Dell officials insist getting more staff to work flexibly is a better path to unlocking productivity.

“Flexible work practices can help team members minimize their transportation use while maximizing their productivity by eliminating the commute,” officials said. ”Team members who opt to come into the office full time or even occasionally will find more dynamic combinations of open seating and private spaces, which both fuels creativity and maximises office space.”

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2 Responses to “Dell Bucks Trend, Encourages Staff to Work Flexibly”

  • tjdwyer:

    It’s about time a true leader, Michael Dell who actually built his company unlike the HP and Google CEO’s, voiced an honest opinion that really resonates with the people doing all the mind numbing commuting!

  • craig kensek:

    Most employees lack the ability (and funds) to build a nursery next to their onsite office like some executives are able to do. Give people the flexibility work remotely part of the time. Skype is a good thing for quick chats with fellow employees.

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