Stratus Goes All In on Revamped Channel Program

stratus serverStratus Technologies Inc. has finally found some channel religion in pursuit of better sales of its enterprise availability wares, ditching its fragmented, regionally based partner program and a largely direct sales model in favor of a more matured global program for resellers.

The new three-tiered program includes the traditional complement of incentives, certifications, sales and marketing tools and pricing discounts to boost margins for resellers, according to company officials in Maynard, Mass.

The lowest tier, called Registered Partner, gives resellers access to detailed product information and updates, product discounts, and access to the Stratus’ Education and Certification portal and resource center. The next step up, Silver, adds incremental discounts and a demo program, while the top Gold partner status adds personalized support from a Stratus channel manager, invitations to exclusive Gold partner events, and the ability to serve as the first point of contact for Stratus sales leads.

The new Stratus program breaks down the geographic barriers of their previous program, giving partners that operate in multiple geographies access to global enablement services, 24/7 tech support and pre-sales support through the company’s network of systems engineers.

Hardly a neophyte in the vendor arena, Stratus has been around in various permutations as a purveyor of fault tolerant computers since 1980. The company now offers a line of high-availability servers, software-based availability solutions and tools for deploying always-on cloud infrastructures that are popular with financial services and telecommunications users.

The company currently has about 400 reseller and system integrator partners in its channel ranks. The company is trying to go from earning better than half its revenues from direct sales to a mix that turns over most software sales and about 70 percent of hardware sales to the channel officials said.

Stratus is working to expand their deal registration program to include both software and hardware as a part of the channel revamp, officials added.

“Our relationship with Stratus stretches back over ten years but their products remain as relevant as before if not more so with the growing rise of virtualization in our sector,” said Dinsmore. “We are currently working towards becoming a full service partner so we can offer the benefits of the Stratus ASN to our customer base directly. We are working towards Gold partner status and Stratus continues to be a large part of our future growth plans.”

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