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IBM Makes Watson More Accessible, Productive

IBM is making its Watson cognitive computing platform more available to businesses of all sizes, with the intent of helping more companies tap the power of natural-language and predictive analytics. The program complements ongoing efforts to develop a Watson channel.

Is HP Turning to Acquisitions to Speed Growth?

Hewlett-Packard bought open-source software start-up Eucalyptus to bolster its cloud portfolio, marking its first acquisition since the disastrous Autonomy deal. Speculation persists that HP is actually gearing up for a major acquisition swing, including a bid for VMware, to expand its capabilities and open new revenue streams.

Microsoft Rebranding Underpins Need to Polish Windows Image

Microsoft is reportedly rebranding its flagship operating system simply as Windows across all versions. By dropping the various extensions, Microsoft may be signaling that it needs to polish up the Windows brand.

Autotask Reshapes Managed Services with CentraStage Deal

Autotask acquired U.K.-based CentraStage, a cloud-based endpoint and device management system, giving it remote monitoring and management capabilities. The deal will reshape the managed services segment, raising questions about standalone products versus end-to-end systems.

GFI Reorgs into Two Divisions, One for MSPs

Under new structure, GFI Software will operate two business – LogicNow for its managed services products and GFI developing private cloud products. The move is designed to enable the company to focus on product and business development, as well as growth.

Staples Sells Managed Services Unit

Staples found continuously hitting the “Easy” button wasn’t the solution to its managed services business and opted to sell its Thrive Networks subsidiary to MetTel. Could it be that retailers make bad IT companies?

CenturyLink Reportedly Interested in Buying Rackspace

Oft-rumored acquisition target Rackspace, a pioneer in IaaS, is said to have captured the interest of CenturyLink, a cloud company looking to expand to better compete against larger rivals.

Zenith Infotech Will Shut Down in October

Cloud infrastructure and backup service provider Zenith Infotech has started informing partners that it will cease operations in a matter of weeks after exhausting attempts to resolve its debt issues. Partners told to start migrating data or risk losing it.