Big Data Article Archive:

VMware Shares Slump Despite Soaring Sales

A sales spike at VMware Inc. in Q1 was not enough to satisfy investors as the vendor’s share price slumped.

3 Steps to Successful VoP Programs

To help maximize partner relationships and ensure partners remain loyal, vendors are implementing voice of partner (VoP) programs.

Greenpeace Report: Falling In With the Wrong Cloud?

Greenpeace has been accused of missing the bigger picture after it mauled the eco-credentials of some of the leading cloud computing brands.

DataGravity Partner Discusses The Unstructured Data Debacle

Qumulus Solutions’ Russell Ford discusses the state of Big Data analytics and how his company contributes to the SMB market as a DataGravity early-access partner.

EMC to Partners: Sell RSA and VMware, or Else

Resellers hoping to grace the upper echelons of EMC’s new partner program may have to forge ties with VMware, RSA and Pivotal as the vendor overhauls its channel strategy

Intel Makes $100 M Commitment to Smart Tech, Wearables

Intel has put its money where its mouth is on smart technology, pledging a $100 million investment aimed at the development of wearables.

The Fall of Google Flu Trends and the Future of Big Data

Far from discouraging and discounting its value, the failure of Google Flu Trends could actually help Big Data advance and find its rightful home in the enterprise.

IBM Takes on Fraudsters

IBM is drawing on its $24 billion investment in Big Data and analytics over the past nine years to tackle the rising problem of corporate fraud.

Internet of Things to Transform Data Center Opportunity

The need to process even larger volumes of data in real time means the Internet of Things will mean additional security, capacity and analytics challenges for data center providers.

IBM Boss: We Are Not Exiting Hardware Market

IBM boss Ginny Rometty has said the firm’s x86 server business sale does not signal a future hardware market exit as she admitted the company failed to live up to expectations last year.