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EU Gives Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Clean Bill of Health

Microsoft is the first and so far only firm whose enterprise cloud services, have met the European Union’s rigorous privacy standards.

Users Urged Off XP in Last-ditch Migration Effort

The tech industry has come out in force today to urge users off Windows XP as support for the operating system comes to an end.

U.K. Local Governments Issued XP Security Warning

Experts: Councils that continue to run Windows XP after Microsoft Corp. ends support for the OS are leaving themselves open to an array of security risks.

Place Your Bets: What Will Be Obama’s Next Smartphone?

An online betting firm has opened a book on the make of Obama’s next phone following -rumors he is getting ready to ditch his beloved BlackBerry.

Tech Firms Set to Cash In on ‘Smart Building’ Boom

The ‘smart building’ market has emerged from years of stunted growth and is now ripe for investment from tech firms, according to IDC.

Cisco Resellers Investigated for Corrupt Russia Activities

Cisco has launched an investigation into potentially corrupt actions of its resellers and some of its own staff in Russia.

IBM: We’ve Given No Client Data to NSA

IBM says it has not handed any customer data to the NSA and claims it would fight any attempts to compel it do so.

Apple, IBM and Microsoft Lead U.S. Tax-Avoiding Spree

Report: Apple, IBM and Microsoft have been picked out as some of the main culprits of stockpiling profits abroad in order to avoid huge tax bills.

Huawei on European Patent Spree

Chinese vendor Huawei has claimed that the swathe of tech patents it filed in Europe proves its commitment to doing business in the region.

On Point: Skype Goes Global, Google Goes Back to School

From the classroom to the board room, these solutions claim to help us stay connected to the information and human resources we need every day.