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Disruptive Forces: Who Will Be the Amazon of Health Care?

Technology partners and vendors aiming for a piece of the formidable health care market are finding increased traction with innovative products and services outside the health care mainstream.

Tech Firms Set to Cash In on ‘Smart Building’ Boom

The ‘smart building’ market has emerged from years of stunted growth and is now ripe for investment from tech firms, according to IDC.

Mobile Health Care Making Its Mark

Of all of the technologies with the potential to improve health care delivery and reduce costs, mobile applications may hold the most promise.

Health CEOs on Tech: High Hopes, Help Needed

Few business leaders are more bullish on the possibilities for transformation through technology than the CEOs of health care companies. But their results so far have been spotty.

Can Any Partner Fix Bay State’s Busted Health Site?

A well-meaning state administration and a litany of IT solution providers took what was once a model for the national Affordable Care Act and ruined it so completely there are now calls to blow it up and start over again. How could one IT project have gone so wrong?

On Point: Heavy on Health Care IT

This week it’s all health care IT all the time in On Point, our weekly digest of product and services news. Here’s some of the top news from around the HIMSS 2014 show for the week of Feb. 24 – 28.

Avnet Plumps Health IT With New Analyics, Certified Training

The modules customized dashboards, reports and alerts focused on re-admissions and the broader concept of population health management for chronic care.

CTRL-V: Feds Issue Warning Over EHR Fraud

Health IT partners need to add a new punchlist item to their electronic health record training and support regimens: how to properly use cut-and-paste.

Partner in Hot Seat Over Health Care Web Sites Debacle

How could an online health insurance exchange that had worked so well and become a national model be ruined so completely? For Massachusetts, the answer lies with the service provider.

Ailing Obamacare Gets Dose of Microsoft Medicine from Former Office Head

Federal government officials on Tuesday announced a change in leadership for the much-maligned project, naming former Microsoft executive Kurt DelBene as a senior advisor to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.