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Vendors Fuel the Device Confusion Debate

PC and tablet vendors such as Dell, Lenovo and Samsung love to talk about how their devices fit into value-add solutions, but vendors do more to confuse solution providers and the market by pushing arbitrary sales goals and channel incentives.

On Point: Options for Windows XP Upgrade Laggards

With the discontinuation of support for Windows XP this week being the big buzz, let’s take a look at ways vendors and partners are helping aid the transition in this week’s On Point.

End of Windows XP Aiding PC Sales

Windows XP is doing what Windows 8 couldn’t: Spur a rival in PC sales. Two analyst reports indicate adoption of new desktop and notebook computers is slowing the decline in PC sales.

Post-XP Disposal: It’s a Dirty Job and Partners Should Do It

In the wake of Windows XP upgrades, clients will be looking to solution providers to ensure their old computers are safely, securely and legally disposed of.

PC Sales May Climb, Thanks to Businesses

The “Post-PC Era” headlines have screamed how the world is moving away from desktops and notebooks as smartphones and tablets take over. The reality: PC sales are actually positive over the last five years and could climb thanks to commercial spending.

Gartner: Quarter of Enterprise Machines Still Running XP

Up to a quarter of enterprise computers will still be running on XP after Microsoft Corp. pulls support for the geriatric operating system, Gartner reckons.

Surprise! Chromebook Demand Rising Fast

A new report by ABI Research not only confirms growing demand for Google Chromebooks, but a sales pace that puts the Web-based devices on track to take a significant share of the market from Microsoft and Apple.

Windows XP Market Share Drops to 27 Percent

Windows XP’s market share is finally showing signs of heading south as Microsoft gears up to pull support for the ageing operating system next week.

Gartner: Lower-cost Devices to Drive Spending Rebound

Spending on PCs, ultramobiles, mobile phones and tablets will return to solid growth in 2014 but lower-cost devices will be the order of the day.

Report: Tablet Shipments to Outpace PCs by 2015

More tablets than traditional PCs will be shifted in 2015, according to Gartner, which pointed to shipments of the two shooting off in opposite directions.