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BYOD Benefit Dampened by California Court

BYOD got companies out of the telephony business as employees started buying mobile devices and paying for service plans out of their own pockets. A California court ruled that companies must reimburse employees for using their mobile devices for work, and that’s potential boon for solution providers.

North America Storming Ahead In LTE Subscriptions

LTE subscriptions set to rise to 2.3 billion by 2020

Android And iOS Tighten Grip On Smartphone Market

Windows Phone and other marginal players can’t get a look in, according to latest IDC data

Lenovo Sees Smartphone Sales overtake PCs

Chinese PC maker Lenovo files Q1 financials and while still holding number one PC spot, revealed smartphone sales have soared

Chinese Investors Set Sights on OmniVision

According to reports, a group of Chinese investors are circling U.S. digital imaging vendor OmniVision

Internet of Things (IoT) Tops Gartner Hype Cycle for 2014

Of all the technologies that wannabe digital businesses will adopt, the Internet of Things is the most hyped of them all, Gartner claims

Microsoft Offers Nokia Workers Free Phones To Quit Their Jobs

Chinese Nokia workers given Lumia 630 handsets if they go for voluntary redundancy

Whatever Happened to Microsoft’s International Retail Store Plans?

As the vendor’s U.K. retail entity is wound up, we ask what happened to its bold ambitions to launch stores worldwide