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Microsoft Name Game a Lesson in Leading With Your Brand

In this new services era, business clients associate the value of a service with the company that provides it. Microsoft seems to get that message. Partners must as well.

HP Software Focuses on Mobility Partners

HP Software is looking to build a channel for its growing family of mobility-related offerings with the launch of the new HP Anywhere Partner Program.

On Point: Options for Windows XP Upgrade Laggards

With the discontinuation of support for Windows XP this week being the big buzz, let’s take a look at ways vendors and partners are helping aid the transition in this week’s On Point.

Google Dances on XP’s Grave With $100 Chromebook

Google sees the end of XP support this week as an opportunity to further dent Microsoft’s dominance of the PC market.

Users Urged Off XP in Last-ditch Migration Effort

The tech industry has come out in force today to urge users off Windows XP as support for the operating system comes to an end.

NSS Labs Hits Back at FireEye ‘Untruths’

A war of words has erupted between FireEye and an independent testing house that questioned the vendor’s ability to catch malware.

Gartner: Quarter of Enterprise Machines Still Running XP

Up to a quarter of enterprise computers will still be running on XP after Microsoft Corp. pulls support for the geriatric operating system, Gartner reckons.

Windows XP Market Share Drops to 27 Percent

Windows XP’s market share is finally showing signs of heading south as Microsoft gears up to pull support for the ageing operating system next week.

Salesforce Leaps Into Global Software Top 10

Pure-play cloud vendor Inc. moved into the top 10 worldwide software vendors by revenue last year, according to Gartner.

Direct-Selling SAS Sends Channel SOS

World’s largest privately held software firm overhauling legal, sales and marketing processes as it embraces channel for first time.