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Intel Snubs Microsoft in Tablet Market Push

Intel has distanced itself from long-term partner Microsoft and placed its chips on Android as it bets big on tablets to bolster its market position.

Place Your Bets: What Will Be Obama’s Next Smartphone?

An online betting firm has opened a book on the make of Obama’s next phone following -rumors he is getting ready to ditch his beloved BlackBerry.

Android Trumps iOS in Tablet War as Sales Surge

Android tablets snatched the market-leader crown from Apple Inc. last year, according to Gartner, which warned that future tablet sales will be based on more than just price.

Microsoft Preparing to Slash Windows 8.1 Prices

Microsoft is reportedly ready to discount the price charged to PC and tablet manufacturers for preinstalling Windows 8.1 on low-cost machines. The move could make Microsoft more competitive with Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems.

Microsoft Adds Features, Space in SkyDrive Rebranding

The battle is over, the British won and Microsoft Corp.’s SkyDrive is no longer. Say hello to OneDrive.

Mobile Apps Tell the Real BYOD Tale

If you want to understand the real state of BYOD, the money is in the apps and how folks are doing actual work with them.

In Praise of Tablets: A PC by Any Other Name

It’s time for the channel to dispense with the handwringing over competing form factors and start celebrating the commonality of tablets in the PC world. They’re just computing devices, after all, and folks are buying a lot of them. That’s a good thing.

HP Hopes to Bring Android to Work With New PCs

If HP has its way, solution providers could have something new to contend with on business-class desktops: Google Inc.’s mobile-focused Android operating system.

Dual-Boot Phone and Tablet Combo? New ASUS Video Keeps Us Guessing

So maybe it’s a dual-boot tablet or maybe it’s a phone, or maybe it’s some combination thereof. Or maybe it’s something completely different altogether.

PC and Tablet Channel Sales Surge in 2013

While much has been said about the death of the PC, commercial sales of desktops, notebooks and tablets through the U.S. channel surged 25 percent in 2013, with the biggest gainer being Google’s Chromebook. Guess who the biggest loser is? Not Microsoft.