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Dell: It’s All About the Solutions

Dell unveiled a raft of offerings at its EMEA Enterprise Forum and says channel partners should go end to end to maximize the return.

Vendors Fuel the Device Confusion Debate

PC and tablet vendors such as Dell, Lenovo and Samsung love to talk about how their devices fit into value-add solutions, but vendors do more to confuse solution providers and the market by pushing arbitrary sales goals and channel incentives.

PC Sales May Climb, Thanks to Businesses

The “Post-PC Era” headlines have screamed how the world is moving away from desktops and notebooks as smartphones and tablets take over. The reality: PC sales are actually positive over the last five years and could climb thanks to commercial spending.

Surprise! Chromebook Demand Rising Fast

A new report by ABI Research not only confirms growing demand for Google Chromebooks, but a sales pace that puts the Web-based devices on track to take a significant share of the market from Microsoft and Apple.

No Easy Way to Define ‘Channel-Friendly’

Can a vendor be channel-friendly and still sell direct? It’s an age-old issue that’s been revived in social media circles as some question the legitimacy of vendors’ channel positions when they sell direct, too. The true meaning of ‘channel-friendly’ isn’t cut and dry.

Server Shipments Up, Revenues Down in 2013

Analyst firm Gartner is reporting worldwide server shipments increased a scant 2.1 percent, but revenues declined 4.5 percent. Demand is strong, but value is evaporating for the basic building blocks of data centers.

In Praise of Tablets: A PC by Any Other Name

It’s time for the channel to dispense with the handwringing over competing form factors and start celebrating the commonality of tablets in the PC world. They’re just computing devices, after all, and folks are buying a lot of them. That’s a good thing.

Dell Looks to Make Channel Financing a Growth Tool

Dell is teaming up with some financing heavyweights to give partners looking to investment in their own growth some more attractive credit options.

Vendors Reduce PC Shipment, Sales Forecast

According to a new report, the top PC manufacturers will likely reduce desktop and notebook shipments by as much as 9.5 percent in 2014 as consumer demand wanes for conventional hardware.

Lenovo Seals Deal for IBM’s x86 Server Unit

Lenovo is now a major player in the x86 server market after agreeing to buy IBM’s entry-level server unit for $2.3 billion. The deal catapults the China-based PC maker into a major competitor against Dell and Hewlett-Packard.