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Forrester: Global IT spend will hit $2.2 trillion in 2014

U.S tech economy actually shrunk in the first quarter, but is set to improve in 2014 and 2015 analyst Forrester claims

Report: Microsoft Brand Shinier Than Apple

A new Forrester study places Microsoft as the top U.S. brand, beating Apple in buyer affinity and perception. Making the difference: Microsoft is an imperative verses a nice-to-have.

Forrester Predicts Optimistic 2014

Forrester Research offers an optimistic outlook for 2013, calling it a transitional year to 2014, where IT budgets will loosen up and major spending on mobility, cloud and Big Data-style solutions will spur considerable growth.

Sophos Bulks Up MDM Solution

Sophos has bulked up its mobile device management solution with a slew of security tweaks garnered from its April acquisition of DIALOGS. If nothing else, the latest updates will give it more of an edge amid the growing ranks of competitors.

Studies: Organizations Still Struggle With BYOD

Two surveys commissioned by Trend Micro clearly indicate that most organizations are finally coming around to BYOD, but are still bewildered as to how to implement effective strategies managing corporate data loss. The findings suggest wide swaths of opportunity in the market for partners to fill those gaping knowledge gaps.

10 Big Cloud Spending Numbers

Cloud computing is the big trend that promises huge riches to vendors and solution providers alike. Just how big the cloud is – or will be – isn’t easy to calculate. Analysts just can’t agree. Channelnomics looks at the disagreeing estimates of the total addressable cloud market.

Cloud is Changing Who Buys IT

Businesses have always had ‘rogue’ IT spending by line of business managers. Cloud computing is making rogue IT spending easier by eliminating the need for physical support and not impacting capital budgets. This shift will change how solution providers approach customers and identify selling opportunities.