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Microsoft: We are Hitting Rivals Where it Hurts

Fighting talk from Microsoft COO Kevin Turner in his day one keynote at WPC

Amazon Takes Aim at File-Sharing Services

Amazon Web Services is launching Zocalo, a secure file-sharing service designed for businesses. The new initiative takes aim at services such as Box and Dropbox, as well as opens a new front in the cloud battle with Microsoft and Google.

Google Takes Cloud Storage Prices Lower

Google, in partnership with Panzura, is lowering the cost of cloud-based storage for businesses again, putting more pressure on Microsoft and Amazon.

Google Search Struck by Outage

Server trouble hits search engine giant

Court Spikes Aereo, Will Cloud Suffer Too?

At issue was the legality of Aereo’s service, which rents dime-sized antenna’s that subscribers use to receive broadcast television programming that Aereo captures and transmits as a streaming Internet service.

A Year After Snowden: Tech Vendors Fight Back

Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith took to the company’s blog to issue a stern rebuke to the American spy agencies: Stop hacking our data centers.

Windows 8 Sales Grow, But Still Woeful

Windows 8 reached a milestone last month as its combined versions hit a new market share high. Nevertheless, Microsoft struggles to get legacy Windows XP users to convert to its latest OS mostly because there’s a better option still available: Windows 7.

Sights Set on Amazon, Microsoft Pumps Azure With SAP

The agreement moves Microsoft closer to its goal of making Azure a legitimate contender in the enterprise cloud services space.