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Google Glass Now Available to All, But Don’t Buy

Google is finally opening unrestricted sales of its famed Google Glass wearable computing device. While it’s a neat idea, it has few practical applications, and early adopters are essentially paying for the privilege of helping Google develop better, less-expensive devices.

Surprise! Chromebook Demand Rising Fast

A new report by ABI Research not only confirms growing demand for Google Chromebooks, but a sales pace that puts the Web-based devices on track to take a significant share of the market from Microsoft and Apple.

The Fall of Google Flu Trends and the Future of Big Data

Far from discouraging and discounting its value, the failure of Google Flu Trends could actually help Big Data advance and find its rightful home in the enterprise.

Amazon Reacts to Google, Slashes Cloud Prices

Amazon Web Services, the market leader for hosted infrastructure, didn’t waste time responding to Google’s price drop, by slashing the base price for its cloud services by 51 percent. The price war is heating up and sending the wrong message to the market.

Google Cuts Cloud Fees, Escalates Pricing War

Google announced a 30 percent price-cut for infrastructure and platform services, presenting a challenge to rivals Amazon and Microsoft. This is another escalation in the cloud pricing war as big providers race to capture market share. If it keeps going, it will present challenges to cloud companies and their reseller partners.

GFI MAX App Control Foretells MSP Evolution

Managed services tools vendor GFI MAX released App Control, a new system that allows MSPs to monitor and manage cloud-based applications and licenses on behalf of their customers. It’s also a sign of how managed services will evolve and become part of cloud computing.

Exchange Server 2003: The Other End-of-Life Opportunity

While much attention is being focused on the pending end of life of the vaunted Windows XP operating system, Microsoft is also discontinuing support for Exchange Server 2003. This opens another significant opportunity for solution providers to upgrade to a newer version or convert customers to a cloud-based e-mail service.

Google Redefines Cloud Platform Channel

Google is expanding its cloud channel program by creating three tiers of partnership, which will allow the company to segment its resources to give better-performing partners more support. The intent is to put Google on a better competitive footing with Amazon and Microsoft.

Chromebook a Surprising Hit, Says HP Chief

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman says the marketability of Google’s Chromebook beyond education customers is surprising and could extend into the enterprise. HP’s experience isn’t good news for Microsoft, which is watching its grip of the PC operating system market slip.

Microsoft Preparing to Slash Windows 8.1 Prices

Microsoft is reportedly ready to discount the price charged to PC and tablet manufacturers for preinstalling Windows 8.1 on low-cost machines. The move could make Microsoft more competitive with Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems.