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New Schumer Bill Takes Aim at Patent Trolls

We already know what companies like Google Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. think of patent trolling. Turns out, some politicians aren’t particularly fond of the questionable practice, either.

Cisco Hit With $70M Fine for Duping Partner

XpertUniverse claimed it was teased with the prospect of becoming part of Cisco SolutionsPlus, a reseller program designed to augment Cisco’s advanced technology products to create complete solutions by placing select products on the Cisco price list and allowing them to be sold by Cisco sales teams and channel partners.

Judge Sides With Wi-Fi Patent Troll Over Cisco

The federal case that was supposed to bring a halt to patent troll Innovatio’s ongoing shakedown of hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops took a strange turn when a federal judge threw out racketeering allegations brought by Cisco, Motorola and Netgear.