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PC Sales May Climb, Thanks to Businesses

The “Post-PC Era” headlines have screamed how the world is moving away from desktops and notebooks as smartphones and tablets take over. The reality: PC sales are actually positive over the last five years and could climb thanks to commercial spending.

Intel Makes $100 M Commitment to Smart Tech, Wearables

Intel has put its money where its mouth is on smart technology, pledging a $100 million investment aimed at the development of wearables.

CDW Scores With Charles Barkley Videos

Direct market reseller CDW drafts NBA legend Charles Barkley and an all-star cast of IT vendors to produce the humorous “The 7th Man” video series to demonstrate the power of IT investments in optimizing business operations.

Who Cares What the Cloud Is Made Of?

The new Powered by Intel Cloud Technology aims to promote the inner workings of the data centers that drive cloud computing. But is putting a vendor’s brand ahead of your own a good idea for service providers?

Goodbye McAfee Brand, Hello ‘Intel Security’

Nearly three years after being acquired by Intel, the McAfee brand will be phased out in favor of “Intel Security.” The new identity reflects the shared vision of the two companies that security needs to be rethought and woven into every layer of technology.

Acer Taps Intel Veteran as Latest CEO

Acer has rounded off a topsy turvy year by naming former Intel Corp. executive Jason Chen as its new chief executive – and this time it is convinced it has the right man.

HP Again Swipes at the Wintel Model

Hewlett-Packard is increasingly distancing itself from longtime allies Microsoft and Intel, saying their technologies and associated business models are antiquated compared to the disruptions of emerging vendors. Is this a sign that the Wintel paradigm is about to break?

Cisco Slashes Forecast, Foresees Tough Times

Cisco Systems says its growth will slow in the coming year as demand for its core networking products slows and sales in emerging markets cool. The good news: The U.S. tech market is rebounding.

HP’s New AMD-fueled Moonshot Aimed at VDI

HP continues to shoot for the moon with its power- and space-thrifty Moonshot servers, this week rolling out a line based on Opteron processors from AMD.

Dude Where’s My Yoga? Lenovo Taps Ashton Kutcher for Tablet Development

In a move that can only be described as curious, Chinese IT vendor Lenovo Group Ltd. this week went Hollywood, tapping well known actor Ashton Kutcher as its newest product engineer.