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Office for iPad a Potential Bonanza for Partners

Much attention is being placed on how Microsoft’s new Office for iPad could make it harder for Windows to gain a foothold in tablets. The greater potential is that the new app could make it easier for solution providers to sell the cloud-based Office 365 and drag complementary product sales.

Sounding the Surface Death Knell With Office for iPad

Microsoft will take a page from Faulkner and kill one of its darlings next week when it unveils its long-awaited version of the Office productivity suite for iPad.

Surface Gets Dressed Up for Work

Microsoft’s point-of-sale efforts could make Surface a legitimate part of retail business services and elevate the fondleslab from partner pariah to channel chum.

PC and Tablet Channel Sales Surge in 2013

While much has been said about the death of the PC, commercial sales of desktops, notebooks and tablets through the U.S. channel surged 25 percent in 2013, with the biggest gainer being Google’s Chromebook. Guess who the biggest loser is? Not Microsoft.

Apple Banks on Christmas Boom as Q4 Profit Drops

Cupertino giant Apple sees its third consecutive profit slump, but claims it is ‘excited’ to go into the holidays with new products.

Docking Station for Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Lead to Broader Channel Sales

Rumors say Microsoft is planning a docking station for Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2, positioning the fledgling tablet as a PC replacement. Perhaps when the docks arrive, Microsoft will release Surface to the general channel for resale.

As Microsoft Aspires to Apple Model, Channel Must Change

Microsoft is taking a big risk in buying Nokia’s handset business. Success could look something like Apple’s juggernaut complete-stack software-device model; failure could make Microsoft the next Blackberry. In either case, the sprawling Microsoft channel will have to adapt, and mostly on its own.

Microsoft Expands Surface Channel in 17 Countries

Microsoft continues its ‘measured’ approach to making the Surface tablet available through the channel by authorizing partners in 17 countries to resell the Windows 8 device. The expansion comes as Microsoft juggles criticism over its Surface strategy and prepares for the Windows 8.1 roll-out.

Microsoft Surface Pro Fire Sale Begins

The poor-selling Microsoft Surface Pro is getting a price cut of $100 through the end of August. The big question: Is this a prelude to a new version, or a fire sale to burn off unsold inventory?

Turns Out Apple May Need a Reseller Channel

Apple barely beat Wall Street estimates for its second-quarter earnings. Growth of the one-time juggernaut is being slowed by falling demand for the iPad. Apple may consider building a stronger B2B channel to stimulate growth in the absence of a runaway bestseller.