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With Servers Gone, IBM Looks to Sell SDN Unit

IBM is reportedly looking to unload its software-defined networking technology unit following the sale of its x86 server unit to Lenovo. The sale, if it comes to fruition, reveals more about the future of IBM and the larger IT marketplace.

NSA Hacking: Where We Stand in the Channel

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for solution providers in the business of providing networking and computing infrastructure — they’ve been left to explain to a skittish clientele why they should be confident their IT systems haven’t been compromised by the National Security Agency.

Report: IT Gear Riddled with NSA Backdoors

Based on leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, reports indicate the NSA has systematically planted backdoors on IT products and components to allow stealthy data gathering and surveillance on corporations and individuals. The latest revelation could further hamper confidence in the security integrity of many vendor products.

Check Point Chided for Altering Report

According to various sources, Check Point whited out some of the competitors clustered around it in NSS Labs’ 2013 next-generation firewall (NGF) report when presenting the results in a PDF on its website.

Juniper Reportedly Explored Selling Assets

Reuters reported yesterday that Juniper Networks unsuccessfully floated the idea of selling off some assets, such as its enterprise firewall group, as well as selling the whole company.

Mobile Growth Portends Channel Opportunity

Cisco’s predictions about the incoming wave of mobile traffic and mobility demands paints a picture of what the channel will look like in the next coming years. If partner’s aren’t gearing up for the cloud services market, the infrastructure technology space will be the next big space to demand trusted advisors.

Cisco Leads Slowing Security Appliance Market

Cisco Systems still leads a security appliance market that is experiencing a noticeable slowdown, indicating that channel investment in related cloud solutions and services might be required going forward to boost margins and remain profitable.

Palo Alto Networks Plays Disruptor Role Well

The pioneer of next-generation firewall technology is surging in sales and mindshare as it continues to impress the market with stellar growth, while rival legacy-security companies are seeing shares slump. Is now the time for security solution providers to jump on the Palo Alto Networks bandwagon?

Tablet Tsunami Will Drive MDM Demand

Before the end of the month, Microsoft will release its long anticipated Surface tablet, PC manufactures will debut at least 20 Windows 8 tablets, and Apple and Best Buy are coming out with new tablets of their own. All these tablets will pressure businesses to control BYOD devices entering the workplace.

Fortinet Ships One Millionth Security Unit

Fortinet just shipped its one millionth unit, signaling the continued upward trajectory of its flagship UTM device, which have allowed it to make solid market share gains. This will pave the way for partners to go up against Cisco and other major competitors.