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Lenovo Agrees to Settlement for Repairs of Faulty Ultrabooks

The suit alleged that the U-Series ultrabooks – specifically the IdeaPad models U310 and U410 — included an inherent design flaw that made it nearly impossible to remain connected to a Wi-Fi network.

‘Breathless Ranting’ vs ‘Self-Righteous Fraudsters’ – HP and Autonomy Still Failing to Play Nice

HP launches stinging attack on former Autonomy CFO Sushovan Hussain in lawsuit filing

Juniper Wins Patent Suit Settlement, Palo Alto Networks Unfazed

Two years, many motions and one mistrial later, a patent lawsuit pitting Juniper Networks against upstart rival Palo Alto Networks has been settled in Juniper’s favor.

New Schumer Bill Takes Aim at Patent Trolls

We already know what companies like Google Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. think of patent trolling. Turns out, some politicians aren’t particularly fond of the questionable practice, either.

Whitman Says HP Firmly Committed to Autonomy

It’s easy to imagine a list of words Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman might have used to describe Autonomy, the U.K. software firm HP claims it was duped into paying several billion dollars too much for in 2011, but would “magical” have come to mind?

Cisco Hit With $70M Fine for Duping Partner

XpertUniverse claimed it was teased with the prospect of becoming part of Cisco SolutionsPlus, a reseller program designed to augment Cisco’s advanced technology products to create complete solutions by placing select products on the Cisco price list and allowing them to be sold by Cisco sales teams and channel partners.

Judge Sides With Wi-Fi Patent Troll Over Cisco

The federal case that was supposed to bring a halt to patent troll Innovatio’s ongoing shakedown of hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops took a strange turn when a federal judge threw out racketeering allegations brought by Cisco, Motorola and Netgear.

Microsoft Is Big Winner in Tablet Legal Wars

Apple is pressing ahead with plans to seek a court injunction barring tablet rival Samsung from selling some of its most popular mobile products in the U.S. Meanwhile, Samsung is looking to Microsoft’s Windows 8 as a mechanism for tablet growth. The net result: Microsoft may ultimately be the winner in the Apple-Samsung feud.