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Samsung Printing Solutions ‘Get Smart’

Vendor unveils MFPs, campaign around leveraging intelligent printing in the B2B arena.

Microsoft Rebranding Underpins Need to Polish Windows Image

Microsoft is reportedly rebranding its flagship operating system simply as Windows across all versions. By dropping the various extensions, Microsoft may be signaling that it needs to polish up the Windows brand.

Box Raises More Money, Cloud Questions

Cloud storage and content management provider Box raised another $150 million in investment funding as it inches toward IPO. The company’s high cash-burn rate raises questions about the viability of future cloud ventures and how much marketing matters.

Mild-mannered NetApp Adopts Aggressive Attitude

NetApp has vowed to become far more aggressive in its marketing activities as it looks to return to growth and fight off competition.

Publish or Perish: Revive Your Dead Business Blog or Bury It for Good

There’s almost no better tool for positioning yourself as a thought leader than a business blog. Unless you let it wither, of course. Then it’s an albatross rotting around your neck for all the world to see.

Symantec Unveils ‘Do It All’ Marketing Campaign

Amid the turmoil of a CEO search, falling sales and increasing investor pressure, Symantec is launching a branding campaign aimed at raising awareness among IT managers that its portfolio of products can “Do It All,” from security to data protection to systems management.

Lead-Nurturing Evolves Into Customized Marketing Opportunities

Lead-nurturing is central to the sales and marketing equation, helping businesses stay top-of-mind to customers. In fact, companies that excel at lead-nurturing generate 50 percent more sales ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost, according to Forrester Research.

CompTIA ‘Opens Vault’ With Free Entry-level Tier

CompTIA is opening its doors wider to the channel with a free-of-charge entry-level tier allowing firms to access various training and research resources.