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Heartbleed Tools an Opportunity to Talk Security

The Heartbleed, an OpenSSL vulnerability that threatens the underpinning of the Internet, quickly crossed over into the mainstream consciousness. Security vendors are racing tools to market to identify vulnerabilities, giving solution providers an opportunity to talk comprehensive security with customers.

Every Business Is a Target Now

When cybercrime like the Target and Neiman Marcus attacks becomes simple and ruthlessly effective, even mom-and-pop stores are at risk. Are security practitioners prepared?

McAfee: Pushing Multiple Products Will Make Partners Richer

McAfee is stepping up channel engagement as it looks to spread the message that partners can generate 8x more revenue by selling 3+ of its products at once.

RSA: Too Much Spent on Antivirus Tech

RSA, the security division of EMC, says businesses are spending too much money on ineffective antivirus products. Instead, they should invest their cash in advanced protection mechanisms and services, such as its Security Analytics. Here’s why RSA is right and wrong at the same time.

McAfee Expands Managed Services to Hardware

McAfee is introducing a pay-as-you-go managed services program, in which it will make many of its hardware products available on a subscription-based through resellers and service providers.

Sophos Buys Cyberoam for Hardware Expansion

Already pushing hard to expand its hardware business, security vendor Sophos announces its acquisition of India-based Cyberoam, a maker of unified threat management appliances. The deal makes Sophos a formidable contender in the crowded security software and hardware segment.

Sophos Officially Opens Silicon Valley Office

Security specialist Sophos, which is getting aggressive in its expansions in technology and market reach, officially opened its first Silicon Valley office. The facility will be familiar to many solution providers and customers.

Goodbye McAfee Brand, Hello ‘Intel Security’

Nearly three years after being acquired by Intel, the McAfee brand will be phased out in favor of “Intel Security.” The new identity reflects the shared vision of the two companies that security needs to be rethought and woven into every layer of technology.

Encryption Is a Piece of the Security Puzzle

Since the NSA eavesdropping scandal broke last summer, many companies have turned to encryption to protect data and keep unauthorized parties from snooping. While effective, it’s not the only thing businesses need to safeguard.

FireEye Goes Bold With Mandiant Deal

FireEye, already considered a disruptive force in the security segment, made a bold move buying forensics specialist Mandiant to bolster its advanced persistent threat technology. The merger will produce a potent security offering to rival Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, McAfee and Check Point.