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Oracle: Mobility Booming but Challenges Remain

Despite heady adoption growth figures little consensus has been reached on the best mobile platforms for business or the best way to secure and integrate those platforms with existing systems, Oracle finds.

Mobility: Tackling the Market That’s Always on the Move

It’s hard to imagine a non-mobility world in which people aren’t checking their e-mail at the grocery store or conducting business from a plane, a train or automobile.

Dual-Boot Phone and Tablet Combo? New ASUS Video Keeps Us Guessing

So maybe it’s a dual-boot tablet or maybe it’s a phone, or maybe it’s some combination thereof. Or maybe it’s something completely different altogether.

ASUS Prepping Windows/Android Tablet for CES?

ASUS appears poised to shake up the tablet world next month, though just what exactly it is planning remains a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside of a really weird video.

GFI MAX Adds PSA-Lite to MSP Platform

GFI MAX officially rolled out its new ServiceDesk offering, a ticketing system for tracking and managing customer problems from initiation to resolution. The tool isn’t a professional services automation tool, but it does perform some of the functions currently provided by vendors such as Autotask and ConnectWise.

Sobel Joins GFI to Amp Up MSP Community

GFI MAX draws upon well-known managed services evangelist Dave Sobel to lead its partner community efforts. Sobel’s arrival is part of an ongoing effort to expand products and global reach of GFI MAX’s managed services network.

GFI MAX Adds MDM to MSP Portfolio

With mobile device adoption exploding and less than one-third of managed services providers addressing mobile device management, GFI MAX is adding MDM to enhance its partners capabilities. It’s also aiming to become the complete managed services platform.

Mobile Virtualization Taking MDM to the Next Level

The rapid increase in bring-your-own-device initiatives in SMBs has put mobile device management on the radar of just about every solution provider.