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Citrix Acquires MDM Specialist Zenprise

Citrix confirms it will acquire MDM vendor Zenprise for its advanced device management and security capabilities. Citrix’s moves solidify its plans to deliver end-to-end mobility capabilities for BYOD and reinforces Citrix mobile-first agenda, critical in the coming wave of workplace mobility.

Mobile Solution Providers Will Focus on Apps

With the rise of ARM-based CPUs and mobility in the channel, forward-thinking solution providers should outline how to deliver services and software to mobile devices, not just around them. As devices become increasingly more powerful, so too will software application capabilities; thus, it will fall on the channel to sort through the sea of mobile software.

2013 Tech Trends Are Channel Aligned

Mobility, cloud and advanced computing technologies are taking focus in 2013, painting a bright picture of opportunity for channel partners that are looking to take the next step in delivering next-generation solutions.

Business Apps Come Into Focus in 2013

A Zenprise survey shows more businesses are taking mobile initiatives and developing in-house apps to suit business needs and bring mobility into the workplace. As the trend increases, there’s potential for the channel to capitalize on this demand and shape the mobile-first future today.

SAP’s Mobile Apps Strategy Slow But Steady

SAP’s Mobile Apps Program spurs new enterprise-ready apps, alongside a renewed focus on the company’s mobile strategy. But what can SAP’s efforts tell us about the evolution of the mobile-first landscape?

Citrix Receiver for Windows 8 RT Arrives

Citrix readies a Windows 8 RT / ARM version of its Citrix Receiver app as it paves the way for a business-centric tablet and virtualization future. Solution providers looking to leverage next-generation services may want to keep an eye on Citrix.

iPhone 5 Solidifies Mobile-First Future

The iPhone 5′s improvements continue to show the sophistication of mobile devices, setting the stage for a future where mobility and mobile computing are standardized platforms for everyday use.

MDM Market Still Maturing Amid AT&T SMB Push

AT&T makes a bid for the mobile device management market with a new SMB-focused MDM solution. These moves indicate major vendors are seeking to define and capitalize on the space, but will the real maturation of MDM come from the channel?