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Apple Looks to Microsoft for Enterprise iPad Sales Boost

Apple has pinned its hopes of an iPad sales surge in the enterprise on Microsoft’s Office, but said its rival should’ve made the decision to offer the suite sooner.

Microsoft Tweaks Nokia Deal Ahead of Friday Close

Microsoft Corp. has fine-tuned its Nokia acquisition, made last September, as it prepares to seal the deal at the end of the week.

Microsoft Name Game a Lesson in Leading With Your Brand

In this new services era, business clients associate the value of a service with the company that provides it. Microsoft seems to get that message. Partners must as well.

Motorola, Not Zebra, Changes Stripes in Deal

Zebra Technologies is paying $3.5 billion to buy most of Motorola Solutions enterprise business in a deal that is more about expansion than evolution, despite all the talk about “Internet of Things.” Motorola Solutions, on the other hand, will be all about public sector, and that’s a good thing.

Juniper Mulls Sale of Mobile Security Unit

Once heralded as the cornerstone of the company’s BYOD support strategy and a key part of its Simply Connected portfolio, Juniper is reportedly considering the sale of its Junos Pulse mobile security unit.

Reports: Microsoft Squares Up to Apple With Surface Mini Launch

Microsoft Corp. is rumored to be cooking up a Surface Mini device in a bid to steal a slice of the 8″ tablet market away from rival Apple Inc.

Good Technology to Expand in Channel With Tech Data Deal

Good Technology is looking to pick up momentum in the channel, and the midmarket and SMB markets, with a North American extension of its distribution deal with Tech Data.

Office for iPad a Potential Bonanza for Partners

Much attention is being placed on how Microsoft’s new Office for iPad could make it harder for Windows to gain a foothold in tablets. The greater potential is that the new app could make it easier for solution providers to sell the cloud-based Office 365 and drag complementary product sales.

Mobility: Tackling the Market That’s Always on the Move

It’s hard to imagine a non-mobility world in which people aren’t checking their e-mail at the grocery store or conducting business from a plane, a train or automobile.

Digital Omnivores Reveal Multi-platform Power

It’s increasingly less important whether a user types or swipes, just that they engage with information and each other via advanced digital technology.