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Red Hat Channel Expanding, Revenues Rising

Open source vendor Red Hat upped the proportion of its global business transacted through the channel to more than two thirds in Q1

Heavy Hitters Team Up on Open-Source SDN

The OpenDaylight Project, founded by the non-profit Linux Foundation, aims to overcome the disjointed and increasingly stagnant development of SDN with the tried and true method of developing a community-led meritocracy around an open-source framework backed by the resources on the deepest pockets in the industry.

Red Hat Revenues Up but Short of Expectations

For the three months to Feb. 28, Red Hat’s profits rose 19 percent to $43 million annually on sales which jumped 17 percent to $348 million over the same period – just shy of Wall Street expectations of $349.4 million, causing a share price slump of up to 11 percent in after-hours trading.

McAfee Embeds Android Application Control

McAfee is taking steps to fulfill old promises with the launch of an embedded application control solution targeting the Android platform. This gives solution providers a new way to crack into increasingly competitive enterprise mobility markets.

Rackspace Eases Private Cloud Deployments

The hosting company updated its free, OpenStack-powered private cloud platform, adding new features and a unified interface to ease the configuration and ongoing operation of private clouds in enterprise data centers.

Whitehurst: Open Red Hat Still Best Advantage

Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst says the company’s competitive advantage is still its open-source nature, which allows continued collaboration and innovation through flexibility. Amid IT convergence, Whitehurst alluded to Red Hat becoming the glue that builds out a new world of IT, which is valuable for both Red Hat its partners.

Microsoft Azure Floats Open Cloud With VM Depot

Microsoft launches the VM Depot under the Microsoft Open Technologies division, offering a one-stop shop for Azure images that includes popular open-source Linux distributions — a smart move that can increase the adoption of the Azure cloud platform amid the popularity of open-source options for servers and virtualization.

Red Hat CEO Says Future Is Open, Hybrid

In a “State of the Red Hat Union” blog, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst outlines Red Hat’s successes in 2012 and paints a picture of openness and choice as the major technological factors that will drive growth and innovation in 2013.

Will Open Source Drive CRM Growth?

SugarCRM lauds its open-source underpinnings as the secret sauce behind its success. But it’s likely open-source qualities that have helped keep SugarCRM’s solutions easy to deploy, easy to use and affordable will be critical factors in CRMs’ market growth.

Kaspersky Lab Boosts Linux Mail Security

Kaspersky Lab updates its Security for Linux Mail Server with a series of security tweaks, indicating it doesn’t plan on surrendering its presence in the growing open-source security market.