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Pivotal to Build Enterprise-Focused Channel

Chief executive Paul Maritz says the EMC’s Big Data-focused spinoff will roll out its own channel program once its cloud platform debuts later this year, will target enterprise SIs and ISVs.

EMC to Retire Velocity Partner Programs

The storage vendor says new overarching EMC Business Partner brand will allow all of its partners more closely with the EMC brand, hints at new partner portal and a program from spinout Pivotal.

VMware Spin-Off Is Virtual ‘Pivotal Initiative’

VMware’s much-rumored spin-off is announced as a “virtual organization,” dubbed the Pivotal Initiative. Paul Martiz, former VMware CEO and current EMC CSO, will now head up the virtual organization as VMware and EMC seek to realign their efforts and create a focused developmental outlet for the future of cloud technology.

VMware May Spin Off ‘Non-Core’ Technology

The rumors about VMware spinning off Cloud Foundry, GemStone and SpringSource into an EMC-based subsidiary are back. If former VMware CEO Paul Martiz heads up the hypothetical organization, it may put VMware and EMC in a much stronger position to compete with rivals in the cloud and virtualization space.

EMC Begins Extended CEO Transition Process

In regulatory filings, EMC reveals that longtime CEO Joe Tucci will remain with the company for at least another three years, but will likely turn over his chief executive responsibilities much sooner. It’s a sign of stability and planned orderly transition.

CEO Leaving Aside, VMware Looks Stellar

Wall Street is pounding VMware stock prices following reports that CEO Paul Maritz is leaving the company. While the news is shocking, there’s a lot of good happening at VMware, its parent and its incubator projects.