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NetApp Expands Midrange Storage Products

NetApp rounds out its FAS storage line with two midrange products with Flash memory designed to give solution providers more options for building on-prem, hybrid and cloud storage infrastructure. The launch is sign NetApp intends to remain competitive amid increasingly aggressive rivals.

Cisco’s Big Challenge: The Software Switch

Cisco Systems has done well for three decades as the provider of the pipes that make up the enterprise network and the broader Internet. In the modern era, it’s a pioneer in cloud infrastructure and virtualized data centers. And through it all, it’s been a hardware-based strategy – and that’s the challenge it must overcome.

EMC Helps Disties Pre-build VSPEX Systems

EMC took a big step toward alleviating solution providers’ some-assembly-required problem with its multi-vendor VSPEX Proven Infrastructure solution.

The Other Side of Reference Architectures

Cisco, EMC and other vendors are using “reference frameworks” and technical recipes to guide partners on the development of solutions that meet customer needs with specific hardware, software and services. The benefit: tested solutions that are known to work. The downside: increased dependency on vendor support and lock-in to select products.