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Report: Second Round of Microsoft Cuts Coming

Jobs to be cut across divisions at Microsoft, according to reports

Stratus Goes All In on Revamped Channel Program

The new three-tiered program includes the traditional complement of incentives, certifications, sales and marketing tools and pricing discounts to boost margins.

‘Nothing Off The Table’ As Nadella Moves to Modernize Microsoft

New CEO pledges to streamline company as major restructure looms

Synnex Prospers in XP “Tailwinds”

The distributor enjoyed healthy growth in both its top and bottom line in its second fiscal quarter

Ellison: Oracle Is World’s Second Largest SaaS Company

Oracle claimed it is now the second-largest cloud SaaS company in the world as its Q4 results left Wall Street cold.

Samsung Unveils First Tizen-based Smartphone

Smartphone market leader Samsung has announced the release of a handset based on Tizen, a new OS.

Microsoft Warns Against XP Support Hack

Microsoft has warned users against employing a technical trick that appears to prolong support for Windows XP for another five years.

On Point: Mobility, Sales and Scalability Solution Take Spotlight

In this week’s On Point, we look at new mobility and scalability solutions that allow businesses to expand their reach and sales capacities.