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Symantec Unveils ‘Do It All’ Marketing Campaign

Amid the turmoil of a CEO search, falling sales and increasing investor pressure, Symantec is launching a branding campaign aimed at raising awareness among IT managers that its portfolio of products can “Do It All,” from security to data protection to systems management.

Pure Lashes Out at EMC’s ‘Aggressive’ FUD Campaign

Pure Storage has launched a video series aimed at undermining what it claims EMC’s campaign to spread fear, uncertainty and doubt about its products.

Symantec Enlists Bank’s Help to Draft Future

Symantec has reportedly signed JP Morgan Chase to help craft its future course and draft a defense against activist shareholders. The move is a clear sign the security and software vendor is under pressure to act amid its wayward strategy and leadership vacuum.

Microsoft Plots Latest Assault in Cloud Price War

Microsoft has plotted its latest move in the cloud price war by slashing its compute and storage costs by 35 percent and 65 percent, respectively.

Watch for Calls to Break Up Symantec

Symantec is searching for more than just a new CEO; it needs a new strategic direction. What comes next is the inevitable call to break up the security and storage units. It’s an old idea that resurfaces because, in the eyes of many, it makes sense.

If PC Slump Undid Symantec CEO, Single-Trick VARs Should Worry

Declining antivirus sales brought on by the PC slump is given as the prime reason for Symantec’s firing of CEO Steve Bennett. It’s probably not the only reason he got the hook, but it does show how vendors and solution providers dependent on one technology are exposed to disruption.

Symantec Fires CEO Bennett; Hunt for New Leader Begins

After one too many missteps and missed financial targets, the security and storage vendor known as Big Yellow unceremoniously dumped CEO Steve Bennett on Thursday.

VMware Launches VSAN for Storage Virtualization

VMware has opened up the third front on its bid to expand from computer virtualization to virtualized everything.

NetApp Swings Axe on 600 Global Staff

NetApp is preparing to get rid of 600 staff as part of a global realignment plan.

Storage Market on the Up as Economic Headwinds Ease

The storage market, led by EMC, has returned to growth after ‘breaking free’ from market headwinds, according to IDC.