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Symantec Makes Bold “100%” Virus Removal Promise

While Symantec says the antivirus era is over and such software is no longer a moneymaker, it’s also making the bold promise to remove all viruses for Norton Small Business users or they get their money back.

Symantec Turnaround Remains in the Offing

In the first quarterly report since ousting its CEO, Symantec posted 7 percent decline in earnings and issued a forecast for sluggish growth. Positive signs exist, but recovery is still a long-term proposition.

Symantec Pulls Out Old Tricks to Stimulate Channel

Embattled security and storage vendor Symantec is pulling out some old tricks, including the use of “technology competencies” and margin enhancements to stimulate its channel while it resolves its own management and operational issues.

Symantec Declares Antivirus Is No Moneymaker

Symantec is preparing to unveil a security intelligence service to give businesses strategic insight into identifying and containing breaches, rather than trying to stop hacks and malware infections. In the process, it’s declaring antivirus software is no longer a moneymaker.

Symantec Unveils ‘Do It All’ Marketing Campaign

Amid the turmoil of a CEO search, falling sales and increasing investor pressure, Symantec is launching a branding campaign aimed at raising awareness among IT managers that its portfolio of products can “Do It All,” from security to data protection to systems management.

Axcient Giveaway Aims to Disrupt Symantec Backup Exec

Axcient is looking to capitalize on Symantec’s leadership woes and aging legacy install base of Backup Exec software by giving away a virtual appliance that offers the experience of cloud-based data recovery services.

Symantec Enlists Bank’s Help to Draft Future

Symantec has reportedly signed JP Morgan Chase to help craft its future course and draft a defense against activist shareholders. The move is a clear sign the security and software vendor is under pressure to act amid its wayward strategy and leadership vacuum.

Watch for Calls to Break Up Symantec

Symantec is searching for more than just a new CEO; it needs a new strategic direction. What comes next is the inevitable call to break up the security and storage units. It’s an old idea that resurfaces because, in the eyes of many, it makes sense.