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Microsoft Discounts Surface Pro 3 for WPC

At the annual Worldwide Partner Conference this week in Washington, D.C., Microsoft is offering partners $229 discount on Surface Pro 3 packages. Essentially, Microsoft is incenting partners to buy a product they cannot resell.

Microsoft Offers to Buy Out Apple Users

Microsoft is doing more than just comparing its Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air; it’s now offering up to $650 credit to Apple users who trade-in their old machines for the new Windows hybrid devices. Apple probably isn’t worried, but other PC vendors and resellers should.

Digital Payments to Double in Five Years

The amount of money transferred globally via digital transactions will rise to $4.7 trillion by 2019, according to a forecast from Juniper Research.

Surface 3 Makes Microsoft a Channel Competitor

The Surface 3 tablet-laptop hybrid went on sale over the weekend, marking Microsoft’s official entry into competitor status with its OEM and reseller partners. And the competition levels are only going to get more intense.

Tablets Lose Out to PCs in Distie Growth Stakes

PC sales are growing faster than tablets for the first time since the iPad burst onto the scene in 2010, at least among western European distributors.

IT Under Gun to Deliver Borderless Work Experience

Information technology providers are under intense pressure to deliver highly-mobile, highly-collaborative work environments to a new breed of workers that demands flexibility and ubiquitous networking.

Microsoft Surface 3: Hurry Up and Wait

Microsoft released Surface 3 hybrid PC/tablet to much fanfare, but is keeping would-be business and consumer buyers waiting for weeks to get the new device.

Lenovo Grows, But Isn’t Complacent

The numbers continue to climb at Lenovo as PC, tablet and server sales jump. Despite increased earnings and record profits, Lenovo’s America channel chief Chris Frey isn’t complacent about the future and the changes to come.