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End of Windows XP Aiding PC Sales

Windows XP is doing what Windows 8 couldn’t: Spur a rival in PC sales. Two analyst reports indicate adoption of new desktop and notebook computers is slowing the decline in PC sales.

Windows XP Market Share Drops to 27 Percent

Windows XP’s market share is finally showing signs of heading south as Microsoft gears up to pull support for the ageing operating system next week.

U.K. Local Governments Issued XP Security Warning

Experts: Councils that continue to run Windows XP after Microsoft Corp. ends support for the OS are leaving themselves open to an array of security risks.

XP Users Mistaking Microsoft Migration Pop-ups for Spyware

Microsoft’s XP migration pop-up campaign has left some resellers fielding calls from panicked customers worried they are being spammed or attacked by cybercriminals.

Chromebook a Surprising Hit, Says HP Chief

Hewlett-Packard CEO Meg Whitman says the marketability of Google’s Chromebook beyond education customers is surprising and could extend into the enterprise. HP’s experience isn’t good news for Microsoft, which is watching its grip of the PC operating system market slip.

Windows 8.1 Market Share Barely Inches Up

The latest operating system market share numbers are in, and Windows 8.1 barely stepped up. Microsoft is taking notice and reportedly ready for drastic measures to move the needle, including a free versions of Windows 8.1.

Super Bowl Quarterback Endorses Surface; Partners Still Get No Tablet Love From Microsoft

Microsoft channel chief Phil Sorgen says the Surface tablet won’t be released to the general channel until the company is ready with scalable logistics and support mechanisms. Just when that will be remains undefined, which hurts partner relationships.

Microsoft Preparing to Slash Windows 8.1 Prices

Microsoft is reportedly ready to discount the price charged to PC and tablet manufacturers for preinstalling Windows 8.1 on low-cost machines. The move could make Microsoft more competitive with Google’s Android and Chrome operating systems.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Stay on Windows XP

Time is running out for the vaunted Windows XP operating system, and Microsoft is pulling out all the stops to get businesses and consumers to upgrade. In the end, the end of Windows XP could do what Windows 8 couldn’t: lift the PC and overall IT market.

The End of Windows 7 Is Now in Sight

Microsoft set the end-of-sales date for Windows 7 consumer editions, in which the vaunted operating system will be no longer available for sale. Commercial versions will remain available likely into 2015, but not much longer.