What’s Your Channel IQ?

2112’s new Channel IQ quiz allows you to test your general knowledge of channel functions, operations and partner management.

By Larry Walsh

Channels are like baseball: Everyone can do it, but not everyone does them well.

The rules are the same on the neighborhood ballfield as they are in Fenway Park. Everyone thinks they know the rules and how to play the game, but the rules change from the playground to the majors based on experiences and interpretations.

We at The 2112 Group work with vendors and distributors to interpret the rules of the channel, navigating the complexity of discrete details of channel operations and crafting programs that match the teams and the players. While how the channel operates changes from vendor to vendor, all partner programs operate with the same basic precepts, or foundational truisms.

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To test people’s knowledge of the channel, we’ve developed 2112 Channel IQ, a fun and informative quiz for testing general channel knowledge. 2112 Channel IQ is designed to help you gauge how well you know the channel and identify areas where you may need a refresher.

2112 Channel IQ is based on general channel information, 2112 research and contributions from channel experts and veteran channel leaders. Like the channel itself, it’s not easy. Some of the questions force you to think – a part of its design. Already, hundreds of channel professionals have taken the 2112 Channel IQ quiz, and we’ve received positive feedback on how it reveals what people know, don’t know and have to think about.

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Most of all, 2112 Channel IQ is designed as a fun exercise – much like baseball. And much like the national pastime, you can take the field and just see where the game takes you. It’s never the same twice, as you’ll never get the same questions. So you can keep playing and see if you can improve your score and Channel IQ.

So, if you have some downtime this holiday weekend or just need a mental palate-cleanser during this end-of-quarter week, check out 2112 Channel IQ. You’ll have fun, and you just might learn a thing or two in the process.

Larry Walsh, The 2112 Group

Larry Walsh is the founder, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group. Follow him on social media channels: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.