Podcast: The Use of Humor in Tech Marketing

POD2112: Armis’s Michael Parker on the Use of Humor in Tech Marketing

Marketing isn’t just advertising, it’s the art of conveying a message that resonates with the target audience and convincing buyers to separate dollars from their wallets. One of the more effective ways of conveying marketing messages and building brand affinity is humor. Whether it’s a video depicting what a conference call looks like in real life or six-inch lizard selling us care insurance, humor captures our attention because it’s entertaining, easy to recall and relatable. Michael Parker, the CMO of Internet of Things security startup Armis and star of the YouTube hit “Deadpool Musical – Beauty and the Beast ‘Gaston’ Parody,” joins Pod2112 to talk about effective use of humor in tech marketing.

Michael Parker

Michael Parker
Chief Marketing Officer, Armis


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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