Podcast: Empowering Women in Tech

POD2112: Cisco’s Michelle Ragusa-McBain on Empowering Women in Tech

Women make up more than half the population, yet they remain underrepresented in the technology industry. That’s changing, however, thanks to the advocacy and support of several enablement groups, which help aspiring women establish and cultivate technology careers. Michelle Ragusa-McBain, a Customer & Partner Experience Manager at Cisco, and chairperson of the CompTIA Advancing Women in Technology community, joins Pod2112 to discuss the need to support women’s technology careers and the resources available to women who have, or aspire to have, careers in technology.


Michelle Ragusa-McBain

Michelle Ragusa-McBain
Customer & Partner Experience Manager, Cisco


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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