Podcast: Everything Wrong With the VAR Model

POD2112: Anitian’s Andrew Plato on Everything Wrong With the VAR Model

Vendors often talk about the importance of “ease of doing business” with partners. Many partners, though, are moving away from the reseller model in favor of their own services. The reason: Vendors are anything but easy when it comes to enabling partners to resell product. Former VAR turned service provider Andrew Plato of security specialist Anitian joins Pod2112 to discuss everything that’s wrong with the conventional vendor-partner reseller model and why reselling product is increasingly less advantageous. Every vendor needs to hear this.

Check out the original Andrew Plato blog that inspired this podcast: https://www.anitian.com/blog/goodbye-yellow-brick-var/


Andrew Plato
CEO, Anitian


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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