Podcast: Crisis Management Planning

POD2112: Platte River Networks’ David DeCamillis on Crisis Management Planning

No one thinks a crisis will befall their business until a CNN van rolls into their parking lot. When that happens, it’s outright chaos. Colorado-based solution provider Platte River Networks had that very thing happen to it in 2016 when news broke that it was the administrator of the controversial email server of then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Overnight, Platte River was thrust into the national spotlight, intensely scrutinized by the press, investigators, politicians and customers. Platte River’s vice president of sales and marketing, David DeCamillis, joins Pod2112 to talk about lessons learned from that experience and why it’s imperative that every company have a crisis management contingency plan.


David DeCamillis
VP of Sales & Marketing, Platte River Networks


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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