Podcast: Spinning Out to Success

POD2112: Unitrends MSP’s Mike Sanders on Spinning Out to Success

Technology companies hear all the time that innovation is the means to sustained success. In reality, though, legacy culture, processes, and business structures often suffocate innovation from becoming a success. Unitrends, an established backup technology vendor, devised a plan for launching into the managed services market. Rather than just forming a new business unit or simple product offering, Unitrends spun out its fledgling venture as a separate company, Unitrends MSP, in the belief it would thrive unencumbered by the legacy organization. Unitrends MSP CEO Mike Sanders joins Pod2112 to talk about spinoffs as a development and growth strategy.


Mike Sanders
CEO, Unitrends MSP


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group

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