Podcast: Evolving Anti-Distributors

POD2112: Pax8’s Ryan Walsh on Evolving Anti-Distributors

Unlike traditional hardware and software products, cloud computing needs no warehouses, shipping and handling, and – in many cases – credit and financing. Consequently, many people have speculated that cloud computing will disrupt legacy pick, pack and ship distributors. Some people go as far to say cloud computing could eliminate the need for distributors all together. But a new class of cloud distributors are emerging from the disruption fog to demonstrate the two-tier model has value in the services era. Pax8’s Chief Channel Officer and Co-Founder Ryan Walsh joins Pod2112 to talk about the emergence of what some call “anti-distributors” plying a new course in distribution.


Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh
Chief Channel Officer & Co-founder, Pax8


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group

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