Podcast: Making Hardware Exciting in a Services World

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POD2112: Lenovo’s Sammy Kinlaw on Making Hardware Exciting in a Services World

Vendors and solution providers love services for their predictable revenue and high profitability. Services are so popular that the industry is racing to make every product a service. So how do traditional hardware vendors keep their partners engaged and excited about selling legacy and commoditized hardware products? How do hardware vendors attach their PCs, servers and appliances to next-generation services? Sammy Kinlaw, vice president of Lenovo North America Channel and U.S. SMB market segment, is working on just that challenge. Kinlaw joins Pod2112 to discuss how services are enhancing and opening opportunities for partners that sell and support traditional hardware products.


Sammy Kinlaw

Sammy Kinlaw
VP of North America Channel & U.S. SMB Market Segment, Lenovo


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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