Podcast: Virtual Reality’s Future

POD2112: RVLVR Labs’ Nick Bicanic on Virtual Reality’s Future

The new film, Ready Player One, paints a dystopian world dominated by a Google-like company that provides everyone with access to a fantastic virtual world. The promise of virtual reality technology from companies like Oculus Rift always seems over the horizon, but VR and augmented reality are coming and, when they do, they’ll change the way people communicate, consume content and conduct commerce. Virtual and augmented reality will change the way technology companies market their products, interact with customers, and deliver their goods. Nick Bicanic, founder of RVLVR Labs, is helping to shape this digital future by developing virtual and augmented reality technology and content. In his view, Bicanic believes VR and AR will make technology more accessible and less intrusive than anything available today.

Nick Bicanic

Nick Bicanic
Founder, RVLVR Labs


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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