Podcast: Digestible Security Awareness Training

POD2112: NINJIO’s Zack Schuler on Digestible Security Awareness Training

Security breaches are nearly a daily occurrence. Blaming hackers and foreign agents for hacking is easy, but the reality is that end users are largely responsible. Security policy violations, poor user practices, and outright carelessness are the root causes of most computer security incidents. Some think security awareness training is the solution, but this approach often fails because the materials and programs are unrelatable and poorly executed. Former managed services entrepreneur Zack Schuler saw the need for a better approach and started NINJIO, a firm that produces relatable, actionable security awareness content. Schuler joins Pod2112 to discuss how innovative approaches to security awareness training can yield better results.

Zack Schuler
Founder & CEO, NINJIO


Larry Walsh
CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group


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